Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Virtual to Reality -- Princess Rosalina

Princess Rosalina
Though Princess Rosalina's appearances in the Super Mario series have been limited, they've been notable. Nintendo's newest princess is not just a simple pallet swap, but a fully developed character with a detailed backstory (whether that story was actually interesting is up to you).

Rosalina's image is still a variation of the standard design set by Peach, but the final result is not as faithful to the original model as the concept art created during her development. Perhaps someone on the team realized that they didn't want to create another Daisy (or really, another Peach). Either way, Rosalina lost the puffy frills and bright color scheme and her dress started to reflect her more mysterious personality. It's also worth noting that her nails are tinted purple; a pretty insignificant detail that sets her further apart from the other princesses in the series.

But which one is better: Peach or Rosalina?


  1. I've always liked Rosalina a lot, whereas I don't have much of an opinion on Peach. Plus, Rosalina is pretty much my set racer in Mario Kart Wii/7, so...there!

    1. I used to love Peach for no reason really. Then Super Mario Galaxy came out and I realized how "empty" Peach is, for lack of a better word...and I use Rosalina in Mario Kart too.


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