Thursday, July 26, 2012

Too Old to Wear -- Too Young to Throw Away

Don't catch 'em all when you only need Charmander. 
There's always that one thing that you don't need but can't possibly get rid of. You know, that thing you keep in the back of the drawer for that rainy day when you just might need it because it holds some sort of sentimental value...

For me, its my old Charmander t-shirt.

Fourth grade: a good year. Pokemon was the thing biggest since...the last big thing...and anyone who was anyone had a piece of the licensed merchandise. You had to have the latest game. You needed to have all the cards, especially if they were gold-plated and came in reflective Pokeballs display cases (Remember those? I have five).

Charmander was always my favorite. He always seemed so cute and cuddly, apart from the flaming tail. When I got this shirt as a surprise gift, I wore it to death and back again.

Now, that time has gone. Pokemon is still going strong (though definitely not as strong); my shirt has seen better days. I still love Charmander, but my once favorite article of clothing makes me look foolish. Like I stole it off a kid who didn't realize there was way more than 151 Pokemon now. I just can't part with it, even though it doesn't fit well enough to help if that rainy day I'm waiting ever decides to come.

This screams "DIY" but I'm not as crafty as I should be. Desperately seeking creative inspiration and ideas.

For someone who doesn't like Pokemon games, I talk about the series a lot...
Three Reasons I Don't Like Pokemon Games (And You Do)


  1. You are never to old for a t shirt like that! I would wear that with my shorts and love it.

    1. Ha, I still wear it sometimes, but it just doesn't fit right anymore. I might try to fix it somehow because I just can't get rid of it.

      Thanks for the comment!


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