Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An Umbrella Umbrella? Resident Evil 6 Pre-Order Bonus Protects You From Precipitation

The most practical pre-order bonus EVER.
For the newest installment of the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom has finally decided to cash in on the Umbrella pun that has been hanging over the games for years. Anyone who pre-orders Resident Evil 6 from the Capcom store will be able to block the "splash-back" from their "zombie-dispatching exploits" with their new red and white umbrella (Capcom's words, not mine).

It's lame. It's using an umbrella to promote a video game.

But I love it. I think it's brilliant. I think they should have done it sooner. I really do. 

I doubt anyone who wasn't already planning on getting the game at launch is going to jump on this deal (it's just an umbrella, with a logo stuck on it), but it's a nice bonus for the fans. Right?

And if you're not interested in pre-ordering the game, you could always just buy the umbrella for $16.95. You know, if you like umbrellas that much... 

Isn't it nice of Capcom to worry about you getting caught in the rain without protection?

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