What am I reading?

Welcome to The Fashionable Gamer, a small corner of the video game universe.

This blog is a valiant attempt to combine my favorite things in life: writing, video games and clothes. Basically, I am an English major that loves to play video games and get dressed in the morning (really, I prefer to get up in the afternoon, but that's not always possible).

You might be saying to yourself: "You're crazy. That combination makes absolutely no sense. What's the connection?". I don't blame you, really.

Well dear reader, all three are forms of entertainment and self-expression. Whether your weapon of choice is a pen, a controller, or a well planned outfit, you can not only change your life but the lives of those around you (I just made that up. I hope it at least makes a little sense).

The point of this blog: Playing video games in style so other people can too. So I hope you cut yourself a slice of your favorite pie, pull up a comfy seat and stay a while. This is sure to be interesting. With a crazy topic like mine, I don't see why it wouldn't be.




  1. I have absolutely no interest in video games... or fashion.. but I find myself strangely fascinated by all of your posts! Love your writing style and the way you integrate fashion and gaming! so cool :))

  2. In the end, I care more about the writing than anything else so your comment means the world! Thank you!


Questions? Concerns? Disagree with me completely? Think that video games and fashion is a horrible combination and that I should go back to my (non-existant) day job?

Leave a comment! Every opinion is welcome here--even that last one--as long as you're polite and courteous.

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