Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fashionable Side--Top Three Go-To Pieces

I realize that even though this blog is called The Fashionable Gamer, I haven't done much to prove that I am indeed "fashionable" in real life. Let's put it all on the table: I don't think that I am particularly gifted in all things sartorial...I just try to walk out of the house looking like I own a mirror. Creating a fashion blog with "Outfit of the Day" posts or runway commentaries was never my intention, but I feel as if a closer look into the other half of my chosen gimmick is definitely overdue.

So let's put down the controllers and take a peek at my top three go-to pieces (as proven by the multiple pictures of me wearing them). These are the choices that are most likely already in the dirty clothes hamper when I think about them.

The Sweater Dress

I have a few similar dresses in my closet. One is a bit too long and baggy and the other is pretty short so this one is definitely the best of the lot. It's thick enough to be warm, thin enough to be breathable...and any excuse to wear tights and boots is good enough for me.

Because of the simple design I never felt too overdressed when wearing it to class, but when surrounded by sweatpants and pyjamas, people always seemed to ask "What's the occasion?".

The Studded Tee

In my mind, I refer to this as my "Lady Gaga shirt". The comparison is weak and pretty much only based on the shirt's unexpected shoulder pads...It makes much more sense in my head...

Now I must admit that I almost passed on this one because of the extra padding. Thankfully, I came to accept that shoulder pads don't always make you look like an out-of-date wannabe linebacker. I gravitate toward this shirt because I feel as if it works well dressed up or dressed down. For me, it's the ideal choice when I don't know what to wear and don't feel like tearing up my room to figure it out.

The Blue Ruffle Tank

Finally, some color. Didn't I mention that I mostly wear black, white and beige? Well, sometimes I deviate from the norm and this hand-me-down is one of my standbys. No, I didn't even buy this shirt. I like to think that if I spotted this cute top with its comfy fabric and ruffle detail I would have been see if it came in black, white or beige.

I've been trying to wear more colors but those three shades just feel like home.

Of course, these aren't the only clothes in my closet (I really wouldn't consider these my all time favorites) but the photographic evidence does not lie. Hopefully all this doesn't make you want to try and force me to change my blog's name.

So do you have any pieces or outfits you can't stop wearing?

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