Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Virtual to Reality--Pokemon X and Y and Its Brand New Style

Pokemon Series--SerenaEven though I've already established that I am not a fan of the Pokemon video game series, I have to admit that I've been swept up into the X and Y fever. From the (long overdue) avatar customization options to the addition of Mega Evolutions (Mega Charizard FOR THE WIN), I felt like I was being pulled further and further into the Poke-frenzy with each new announcement.

It was like middle school all over again, only this time, there was no teacher was around to tell me that I couldn't play with my Pokemon cards in school...

I don't have my hands on a copy just yet (X is calling my name), but why not appreciate this generation's fashion sense during the wait? The newest lead "Serena" is the most stylish young trainer hands down and I think this more fashion forward proves that the standard Pokemon formula can evolve to keep up with the times.

Pun completely and totally intended. Sorry. (Not sorry.)

What do you think about Pokemon X and Y? Are you into the hype or do you think that the long-running series is past its prime?


  1. I'm loving Pokemon Y so far. It feels like stepping into an experience that is both old for all the right reasons and new in all the right ways. What no one talks about that I particularly appreciate are all of the small, charming details in the game, like how your character will bend down when he/she speaks to young characters. There are plenty of things for old and new fans alike to enjoy in Pokemon X and Y. :)

    1. I took a look at Let's Play of Y a little bit ago and I can definitely see what you mean. It really feels like the development team spent a lot of time on polishing the overall Pokemon experience to really match the new three dimensional overworld. You can tell that immersion was their top priority.


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