Friday, November 16, 2012

Virtual to Reality--Pauline, Plumbers Prefer Blondes

Donkey Kong Series--Pauline
Let's go old school today and talk about Nintendo's original "damsel-in-distress", the curvy Pauline.

Before Mario (aka Jumpman) started traveling through pipes to to save defenseless royals like Princess Peach, he climbed up rafters to rescue his girlfriend, the Lady, from the wild Donkey Kong. Of course, this mystery woman couldn't go unnamed for long and she eventually became known as Pauline.

In her original appearance, Mario's first girlfriend was a stereotypical blond in a pink dress, who only existed to give the hero a reason to challenge a giant gorilla. But once Peach was introduced as the new damsel and Mario's attention was turned toward a giant turtle, Pauline was redesigned into the voluptuous brunette in red that she is today.

Pauline's skin tight red dress bares absolutely no resemblance to the puffy dresses of her princess counterparts. This character is sassy and stylish. It's a shame she doesn't have a larger part of the series.

Do you think Mario's ex Pauline should be featured in more games?

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