Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make Your Favorite Game Sound Like Garbage

A friend of mine posted this challenge on her Facebook page and I thought it would be interesting to throw it out to you...

Describe your favorite game, but make it sound as terrible as you possibly can.

Here's mine:

You play an overweight, out-of-work tradesman who is invited to a castle to have cake with its princess. After a short trip through the local sewer system, you arrive at the castle only to discover that it is a basically an abandoned art museum and the pretty princess has been captured by the disembodied voice of giant turtle. The only way to save her is to explore the art museum/castle and jump each into the paintings, one by one.

Inside the paintings, you will be forced to complete menial tasks in the pursuit of monetary compensation and defeat random creatures that are much larger than you so that they will transform into weird stars with creepy, beady eyes that never blink...

You will waste an extraordinary amount of time running up a staircase that never ends.

Your only friends in this journey are a transparent little person in a mushroom hat and diaper that can somehow be in several places at once, an owl that likes to remind you how fat you are and a vocally challenged green dinosaur that only appears long after you finish the journey and shoot yourself out of a cannon.

If you didn't get it, I was describing Super Mario 64, the first game I ever played. How do you think I did?
How can a game this epic ever sound boring?
What's your favorite game? Can you make it sound terrible?


  1. That was awesome. ^_^ I wouldn't have believed a classic game as amazing as Super Mario could sound bad, but you did a great job lol

    1. Thanks! I was a lot harder than I thought it would be. And thanks for the comment!


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