Monday, November 5, 2012

Do You Want a Wii U as Much as Nintendo Wants You To?

Nintendo wants you to care about this. But do you?
With the North American launch date (Nov. 18th) only a few days away, everyone's attention is turning to Nintendo and the shiny high-definition Wii U.

It's pretty obvious that this console's pre-launch hype is not as strong as the insane anticipation leading up to its predecessor's release. Not many people believe that lighting while strike twice for this line of systems... But even though the fanboys and girls don't seem quite as intense as they were back in 2006 (trust me, I was one of them), people are getting excited about Nintendo's newest console...

But I'm not. At least not enough to make to the store that Tuesday.

Hardcore Nintendo fan that I am, I am intrigued by the new technology, even though if I am bit skeptical. I look forward to the moment when I have it in my hands and can decide for myself if the screen in the controller actually makes sense in real life. But when it really comes down to it, the launch titles just don't make me want loosen the tight grip I have on my wallet right now.

This doesn't mean I don't want it almost desperately...It just means I can be more patient than usual.

Are you looking forward to the Wii U launch date with painful anticipation? Can you wait for the new system or are you going to pass on it completely? Was there a game launch that you were excited about in the past?


  1. I was genuinely excited when the Kinect came out. I lined up at my neighborhood Game Stop at an ungodly time and stood in line for hours to get my hands on one. Maybe I'm not excited because I love my XBox too much and there's no longer any room left to share? Besides, the only reason I ever use my original Wii is to play old school Mario and Super Mario 64.

    1. Well, I can understand why you wouldn't be interested in another system especially if you don't think you would use it. Sometimes you just have to focus on one at a time!

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Darn college budget! But my opinion actually falls in line with yours, i.e. I'm not about to beg my parents to make this my birthday and Christmas combined. I'd rather go with my original birthday wish of a new unicycle!

    1. Personally, I think that the unicycle is a much cooler gift idea! Much more original.


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