Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day: Video Game Edition

Voting stickers are bit accusatory in my district.
Consider this my obligatory post about election day. Hopefully you will find a way to cast your vote either in person or by absentee ballot because this a very important election.

It doesn't really matter who or what you vote for as long as you make sure that your voice is heard.

On a lighter note, what if video game characters could run for president? Who would you trust to run this country of ours?

Personally, I would choose Fox McCloud from the Star Fox series. It's true that he has no experience repairing a failing economy, but I think his experience leading a diverse (and in some characters' cases, annoying) crew could help to blur the lines in between political parties.

If he can handle them, he can handle anyone.
Which video game character would you vote for?


  1. Trusting our nation to almost any Nintendo character would have dire consequences, methinks....am I allowed to pick Lady Palutena from Kid Icarus? I've been playing Uprising lately, so it's fresh on my mind. Do you think a goddess would be willing to take the job? Hmmm...

    1. I don't know, I think president would be a step down from goddess...It still makes for an interesting choice though.

  2. Voting to me always feels like a trick-question....! But it's good to vote, first of all to make your voice count and to contribute to the future of your nation. (wow sounds so serious!)

    Excited to find out who will win!!

    1. This has been one of the most interesting elections in a long time. I feel like the entire world was watch to see if America would mess this one up. Whether we did or didn't is up to personal opinion...


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