Thursday, October 11, 2012

Virtual to Reality--Kairi Takes a Lesson in Fashion But Not Personality

Kingdom Hearts--Kairi .Since we are on the topic of Kingdom Hearts inspired clothing, let's talk about Kairi. While she might not be the most dynamic of characters (face it, she's just there to be "the girl" of the group), she is one of the most fashionable.

When Kairi first appeared in the original game, her clothing was pretty basic, as a cute little girl's outfit should be. But when she showed up in the second installment, it was clear that her character not only matured physically and mentally, but also underwent a major style upgrade. Kairi's new design was a perfect combination of feminine appeal and casual comfort that matched the style of the series very well. 

If only she could actually do something for a change...

Who's your favorite Kingdom Hearts character?

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