Monday, October 15, 2012

Replay Value--Can You Play the Same Game Twice?

If you play a game more than one time, are you "going green"?

Everyone likes to talk about a game's replay value when discussing its pros and cons, but does anyone take the time to play a game twice?

I ask because I usually don't. No matter how awesome an adventure is, I rarely have the patience to sit through anything a second time. There are a few exceptions to my unwritten one-time-only rule. After my eight year struggle with Super Mario 64, I turned the game inside out, playing it multiple times in a row and mastering all of the sequence-breaking glitches. And when my first trip through Luigi's Mansion ended with only the second best rank, I immediately ran through the entire game again, just so that I could get enough money to afford the best house available.

But when it really comes down to it, I don't particularly care about a game's ability to be withstand a second playthrough...I automatically assume that after I finish a title for the first time, I'll never play it again.

Is replay value something you take into consideration when purchasing a game? Have you ever loved a game enough to play it more than once?


  1. I don't usually play the same game twice when it's a console game unless it's final fantasy or devil may cry I could play those all day everyday ;)

    1. I feel like there's always one or two titles that don't get boring...I guess that's just the mark of a really good game!

  2. I'm essentially the complete opposite. For example, I've beaten Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess too many times to count. I've beaten Skyward Sword twice (for now!). And that's just the Zelda series. There's also Super Mario World, which was so BIG in my childhood, I frequently return to it. I can beat it in less than an hour (taking the secret star paths, of course!). New Super Mario Bros. Wii is another I come back to again and again.

    And then there are games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I don't go back to BEAT it again and again (there's so much to "beat", that it's almost like there's nothing to beat!) but I go back for the virtually limitless possibilities that only such a dynamic fighting game can provide. Many games just never get old!

  3. I feel like I've started to play a lot of the games that you mentioned a second time, but never actually got through them twice. I feel like I'm always playing again just to get to a specific part, but I'm too impatient to actually wait for it.

    And when it comes to games like Smash Bros., I can keep playing them for years with my friends but I won't touch them when I'm alone. I think I'm just into the surprise of a new game/story. Once I know what happens, I don't really care as much. It takes a lot to get me to sit through a whole game twice.


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