Friday, August 10, 2012

Virtual to Reality--Samus Aran (and her issues)

Metroid: Other M--Samus Aran
Metroid: Other M. A blemish in a otherwise amazing series? Maybe.

Yes, the silent protagonist was transformed into more of a repetitive, emotional yes-woman. And her monologues can have a bit of a "Captain Obvious" feel to them, but the missteps aren't as bad as some people like to believe.

Though they are pretty devastating to say the least.

If you can look past Samus's need for therapy, you might be able to appreciate the fact that Metroid: Other M is also radical in the way it shows Samus in regular clothing.

Not a revealing two piece. Not a skin-tight catsuit. Clothes. A shirt and pants.

Samus's old uniform doesn't reveal too much about what the heroine does in her down time, but it finally shows her as a normal woman. She still kills aliens and destroys planets for a living, but at least you know her wardrobe is not limited to just spandex and metal.

Any thoughts on the changes made to Samus in the Metroid series's last installment?

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